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Provided Services;

  • Local & Domestic hotel bookings
  • International hotel bookings

Cappadoce Tour offers advantageous rates in most of the hotels with well organised travel plans and invoicing services. With Amadeus system access to make online hotel booking for abroad.

Transportation services;

  1. Train tickets
  2. Bus tickets
  3. Ship tickets
  4. Airport/Hotel/Airport transfers
  5. Rent a Car

VIP Services;

  1. Limousine or private car transfers
  2. Private tours with guide
  3. Private tours
  4. 24hrs acces to company contact

Tour services;

  1. Sightseeing Tours
  2. Night Tours
  3. Tailor-made Tours

A confirmation letter sent by automatically from the system that we use with all details of requested hotel such as address, phone number, room rate etc. Executives are supplied with a password in order to obtain instantaneous access to all travel information (reservation status, budget, discounts, operational details on all events). By reporting travel details, end of the year you will see expences of your travels and this report will give you an idea before you make your travel budget for next year.

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